Prayer requests

  • healing protection and blessing of family

    Please pray that

    daughter, Asmitha in Ozzie and hubby Abie (a Christian, but non-catholic, (GREGORIAN) comes to the catholic faith along with his parents ) not getting on with one another and in argumentative manner, are both blessed with peace, hope, understanding, supportive to one another, are secured in their homes families and workplaces, and also obtains secured permanent jobs are blessed with healthy children, being married since 4 years now and able to settle there and have a home of their own with available blocked resources.

    Son Alroyd backed out totally of 3 months shipping training course due to extreme nervousness and unable to meet their hurried schedule and not imparting scientifically. Please pray that he is able to primarily study of his own grasp the knowledge and attend the next primary 3 months plus final 6 months UK course and comes out successful, and meanwhile, obtains job soonest possible to cope up with his financial needs and family welfare. Also that his eldest daughter Aamena in 5th grade school is able to cope up with her studies and speed up in her writing work where she is very slow. Above all that his moslem wife with 3 gal kids and entire family comes to Jesus Christ and protected from threats to life and are safe.

    Eldest sis Josephine comes to the Lord Jesus Christ in sincere repentance, forgiveness from deceased parents, in-laws and spouse Patrick and from entire family, attends rosary recitation and attend holy mass - since 40 years lazy and irresponsible that daughter Lourdes and son Linus jobless, both frustrated and Linus taking out anger hammering walls or floor with his bare legs and uttering and muttering and at times shouting all by himself) only to take care of her - that entire family is delivered from all bondages and healed completely and that Lourdes and Linus obtains secured jobs soonest.

    That sis Margaret’s daughter Alisha and son Shaun get God fearing partners in Jesus Christ and blessed with marriage, being already 30-35 years.

    And above all that all of us come to Jesus Christ without any threats or dangers in repentance of all our sins of breaking the ten commandments, forgive one another and be saved and filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, amen, amen and amen.

    Thank you and God bless you one and all.

  • The Church

    Please pray for the church Priests and Bishops in the Maitland Newcastle Dioscese